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The true meaning of "Aloha"

Most people know that Aloha is used as "Hello" and "Goodbye" but it is so much more for the Hawaiian people. The word Aloha is a deep acceptance of how to live a harmonious life, a true love for everyone regardless of their culture or background, a sense of compassion for others, and a wish for peace and happiness for all. It is quite difficult to explain with words. One thing we encourage you to do when you visit Hawaii is to ask Hawaiians you meet what Aloha means to them personally. You will be delighted and enlightened by their answers.

Many Hawaiians describe the word Aloha as follows:

A for Ala which means to be alert and aware
L for Lokahi which means working together as one
O for Oia'i'o which means to be honest with yourself and others
H for Ha'aha'a which means to be humble in all situations
A for Ahonui which means perseverance and patience in life

Aloha travelers

Sun, Stars, Swells: Sailing the Globe Using Nothing but Nature

Hawai'i, possibly the most remote island chain on the planet, was discovered hundreds of years ago by Polynesian voyagers in canoes. These ancient explorers relied exclusively upon their knowledge of the stars, bird behavior and ocean swell patterns to find speckles of land. Today, the modern descendants of these explorers are circumnavigating the globe using the same techniques.

This fabulous video is from hula videosGREAT BIG STORY. For more information, visit their website.

Aloha experience

We are looking for stories from either Hawaiians or visitors of Hawaii about their personal understanding of Aloha. We would love to share your understanding and experience on this page for everyone to enjoy. Click here should you wish to share. Mahalo!


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