maui official flowerRegardless of the time of the year you visit Maui, the flora will impress you. The vegetation is not only filled with incredible hues of greens but offers bright reds, pinks, yellows, and blues. From ginger flowers to plumeria, the flora in Hawaii is known as one of the most beautiful in the world.

The Lokelani Rose (Pink Damask Rose) is actually the official flower of Maui. It is very fragrant and bright pink said to be introduced in the 1800s by Spanish fleets. Many people refer to it as the Maui Rose.

Plumeria: Though not indigenous of the islands, the plumeria often remind people of Hawaii. It grows very well on the island and its fabulous fragrance makes it a perfect flower for perfumes and creams. The flower is often worn over the ear (on the right ear means you are single).

hawaii official flowerHibiscus: The official state flower for Hawaii is the Yellow Hibiscus (pua aloalo). They are numerous colors and styles of hibiscus in the world and, as you visit Maui, you will be delighted to see many of them.

Some people make it a game to photograph as many kinds as they can find during their visit. If you are travelling with other people, you could make it a competition among your group.

Bird of Paradise: This is an iconic flower found along side streets, waterfalls, and the Road to Hana. They are many different kinds among the family of Bird of Paradise, all more unique and interesting.

Other common flowers you will find on Maui:
Lollipop Plant / Ruellia / Spider Lily / Orchids / Ti / Begonias / Croton / And more...

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