Discover the Spirit of Maui

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Māui Mythology

Local traditions on Maui reveal that the island was not named after the mythological hero, demigod and chief Māui but after the son of Hawaii's discoverer who was himself named after the legendary Māui.

Let's learn more about the demigod Māui. Son of ʻAkalana and Hina-a-ke-ahi, Māui is said to have created the islands of Hawaii by using his mystical fishing hook (called Manaiakalani) by grabbing the ocean floor and lifting the islands out of the ocean. He is also said to have stopped the sun from moving too fast by climbing Haleakalā and catching the sun rays with a lasso made of his sister's hair. But, this was not his only accomplishment! With his magical force, he pushed the sky higher so there would be more space for humans to walk around between the Earth and the sky. Compared to his three brothers Māui was not the best fisherman but he defeated a long eel tuna making it safer for the habitants of Hawaii. Above all, Māui was a trickster whose biggest accomplishment was the creation of the beautiful and breathtaking Hawaiian Islands. Mahalo Māui!

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Maui Lifestyle

Even if you are on Maui just for a short period of time, you too can experience the Spirit of Maui. You will notice that life and time seem to slow down on the island. Some call it Hawaii Time but it is much more than that. There is something magical about the island that brings calmness, bliss, and happiness to its visitors and habitants.

The sounds of tropical birds, the fragrant flora, the incredible diversity of landscapes, the wonderful weather, the crystal clear ocean, the fascinating culture, and the islanders’ genuine warmth… Those are just some of the reasons people who come to Maui do not want to leave.

There is more… something one may call spiritual on Maui. The Spirit of Maui re-connects you with yourself, your family, and loved ones. It helps you be in harmony with your own spirit. Though there are many fun activities on Maui, remember to relax, slow down, breathe, be in the moment, and open your eyes to its wonders. Do not just soak up the sun, soak up its spirit. If you are one of the lucky ones able to visit Maui, we hope you make it count for yourself. Embrace the Spirit of Maui to refuel your own so that you may continue with your life happy, content, and in balance.