Family Vacation

family vacation on maui Maui is simply a wonderful place for kids. Hawaiians have a strong sense of Ohana (family) and love young visitors. Ohana is not just your immediate family, it also includes your extended family, friends, loved ones, and even beyond your close circle. You will find that those living on the island are very friendly and welcoming to children.
Maui also has a slower pace than Oahu therefore enabling you to relax with your children and not be worried about crowds. In addition, Hawaii was ranked the 10th safest state in the United States in 2017.

Recommendations if you are vacationing with your family

1) Make reservations: Maui is always in a high demand so do not show up with your kids without a reservation. Search our portal to find out what is available to rent on Maui. We display all types of rentals from homes to apartments and condos.

maui vacation rental 2) Get travel insurance: With children, you know that things happen; they may get sick at the last moment or during the trip. Make sure you have proper insurance to cover all possible situations. If you need a clinic or hospital, visit this page.

3) Travel light: Find out if your rental or nearby places rent strollers and other kid friendly equipment such as cribs, children water toys, umbrellas, or snorkels. There are lots of places on Maui which rent. Also, find out if your rental has a washer and dryer, having such appliances will decrease the amount of clothes you need to bring.

4) Relax: Kids do not need daily activities. They would rather spend the day with you at the beach or the pool. Vacationing on Maui is your opportunity to reconnect with your child, children, or spouse. Slow down and make it count!

5) Rent a car: If you plan on visiting the island, rent a car and ask if they have car seats available. This gives you the freedom to go anywhere you want at any time. You do not want to be waiting in line for a bus in 80 degree-weather. See the list of rental car companies on the island.

Lifeguards on Maui beaches

vahine on maui

Most beaches on Maui do not have Lifeguards. See below the available Lifeguard Towers. Note that typically these beaches have a lifeguard on duty between 8 am and 4:30 pm.

  • South Side: Kamaole 1, 2, 3 Beach Parks
  • Makena State Park (also known as Big Beach)
  • West Side: Hanakao'o Beach (aka. Canoe Beach, DT Flemming Beach Park
  • North Shore: Kanaha Beach Park, HA Baldwin Beach Park, and Ho'okipa Beach Park
  • East Side: Hana Bay (Fridays during Summer and Winter Pals Program days only)
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