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maui directoryAt Maui.Best, we are committed to providing our members with superior customer service. We are also committed to properly using and safeguarding the privacy of all personally identifiable information that is collected from our registered members.

You alone choose which personal profile data you want to make public on your listings and profile. By accessing your account, you can select, edit or delete any profile information at any time and as many times as you want to.

maui rental directoryAll payment information is fully and strictly protected by For added website security, we have a SSL in place, TLS 1.2 enabled on our server, and SiteLock protection, daily scanning, and server firewall.

Unlike most online rental portals, we will not sell, share nor lease your information to a third party company or individual.

secured rental websiteWe will never ask you for personal information of sensitive nature. Any data we request from you is essential to set-up your account, to make payment arrangements or to list your rental property with us.

We select our third party vendors very carefully and constantly re-evaluate our relationship with such vendors. Our privacy policy does not apply to third party vendors as they set their own policies and are responsible for their own actions and dealings.

secured rental websiteMaui.Best and its principals consider ethical business practices to be the foundation of socially desirable performance. Whenever an action or decision is made, we make sure it is legal, ethical, and in the best interest of our members or visitors and their privacy.

Thank you for trusting Maui.Best with the advertising of your rental(s) or your search for a rental on Maui.

We sincerely wish you great success.

The Team at Maui.Best

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