Terms of Use for the Website maui.best


Anyone over the age of 18 can choose to accept the Terms of Use and Conditions for the website maui.best by:

- Clicking and selecting "Check box to agree to our Terms and Conditions." when registering with us.
- Or navigating the site for information, rental search, or any other usage of the website's pages.

Such action on your part means that you have read the Terms of Use, you fully understand every condition described in this agreement, and you agree with all of them.

If you do not understand or agree with our Terms of Use or any part of it, do not use our services and do not use our website.

We reserve the right to modify our Terms of Use without prior notice. Any changes will be updated on this page. It is your responsibility to check the Terms of Use as often as you visit our website.

If you are a registered member, you expressly understand and agree that, should the Terms of Use be modified after your initial membership date, Maui.Best will consider your continued use of our services as acceptance of the revised Terms of Use. As a member, we expect you to be a responsible host and adhere to all regulations required by law and your local community. This applies to not just rental permits, but also taxes, licensing, insurance, and other important elements expected from a reliable renter.

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Maui.Best does not monitor nor control its members and their actions. We do not verify that members have proper permits (at the local, country, state, or federal level) to rent their facility. Negative reports sent to our company about a member will be investigated by Maui.Best. If found in infraction with laws or our Terms of Use, the member's account may be de-activated (until the issue is resolved) or permanently removed. We disclaim all liability past, present, or future for use of our site or about our members' actions.

Copying, either manually or via the use of an automated process, the content of the web pages of https://maui.best, in part or in full, is fully prohibited. Extraction of our content without prior written authorization from a principal of Maui.Best may result in legal actions regardless if it was done for commercial and personal use.


To become a registered member, open an account, purchase an advertising package, list your rental, or take any other action on our website, you must accept all of the provisions described in our Terms of Use.

You alone can assign your username and password. It is your responsibility to safeguard this information and keep it confidential. You must contact Maui.Best immediately if an unauthorized person has obtained your username and password or if someone has accessed your account without your consent.

You agree to provide us with accurate, up-to-date and complete information especially when establishing your profile, your billing information and the details of your rental.

Registered members are required to update their profile and listing whenever a change has occurred such as a change of address or a rental being sold.

We might allow website addresses or hyperlinks to be listed in a listing as long as it brings value to the listing and our website services. We control such links very closely. We reserve the rights to manually remove website addresses or hyperlinks that have been typed in a listing without notifying the account manager.

Anyone attempting to gain unauthorized access to accounts, website content, etc. will be banned from our website and reported to the proper authorities.


The prices for our plans and services are in United States Dollars (USD). Fees to subscribe for paid services are month to month and can be cancelled at any time. The advertising plans are not refundable for the previous monthly payment. Products for sale must be paid in full and in advance, and are not refundable.

Maui.Best has the right to cancel or suspend an order for services or products if an incorrect price or term was quoted on our website inadvertently. We will make every attempt to contact the user, offer a reasonable alternative and rectify the inaccuracy on the website as soon as possible.

We also reserve the right to change our pricing, our packages, our products, and our policies at any time with or without notice.


As a registrant, you are required to make sure that the information and photographs you provide are yours or that you have the full legal rights to use such data on our website. This provision is especially true for real estate agents and property managers. As a member or website visitor, you understand and agree that you are not allowed to prospect registered members to list their rental with your own company or offer other services related to rental or not. You may contact them only if they have a verifiable renter for the individual rental or wish to rent their property yourself.

As a registrant, you are not allowed to upload copyrighted material for which you do not have full legal rights. Doing so would make you fully, solely, and legally liable (financially and otherwise) for any claims which might arise from using copyrighted, trademarked, or other proprietary material you do not own. If this was to happen, you agree to indemnify Maui.Best for any and all costs associated with claims or lawsuits caused by your illegal use of copyrighted material.

Any data that you upload through your account must be accurate, well presented, legal, proper, moral, and ethical. Contact us if you have any need for clarification of what we consider proper content for the listings.

The date of your advertising package starts on the same day you make your first payment regardless if you wait to upload your rental information. To make full use of your advertising package make sure to be ready to list your rental on the day or soon after the date you signed up for a package.

Maui.Best cannot guarantee that you will rent your property via our website. You understand that we simply provide a directory of properties for rent for people around the world to view.

All site visitors understand that Maui.Best does not represent the rental owners, property managers, or members. We do not receive rental commissions from them. We do not become involved in communication or negotiations between prospective renters and rental owners or managers. It is your responsibility as the rental owner or manager to handle all inquiries for your listing.

Maui.Best may choose to modify its search algorithm as it sees fit or modify the ranking of rentals either lower or higher.


As an added service to our users, we might provide hyperlinks to other websites or make referral to other resources. We might also include third party advertisements or logos within our own website for other companies. This does not necessarily mean that Maui.Best endorses any of these referrals or approves of their opinions, products, services, policies, and actions.

Though we select our third party vendors and advertisers very carefully and constantly re-evaluate our relationship with them, we expect our members to notify us of any issues rising with these third party links so that we may reconsider such relationship and possibly remove them from our website.

You understand that once you leave our site and enter a third party vendor or referred website, you are entering a different company and are then under their Terms of Use. You also agree that Maui.Best is not to be held responsible in any way for any problems, losses, or damages you might encounter by using a third party vendor.


In addition to the fact that Maui.Best is not liable for the actions of third party vendors, Maui.Best cannot be held responsible for the following:

- The accuracy and reliability of the content provided on our website may it be from our company, the articles, the listings, or their account managers.

- The accuracy and reliability of the information you receive when redirecting to a referred website or when dealing with a third party vendor.

- The unexpected interruptions of the website regardless if it is due to the server, web host, site maintenance, heavy traffic, security breach, or other reasons.

- The failure of the website to secure access to the members' accounts.

- Any damages or losses of data caused by website malfunction or software downloaded on our website, third party vendors or referral websites.

- Any misunderstandings or misrepresentations from Maui.Best, its employees, its owners, its agents, or its affiliates.


While some of our third party vendors may provide such service, Maui.Best does not give legal advice of any kind and does not provide legal documents for the rental of properties. We also do not offer advice on how to work with local, state, and federal agencies handling rental regulations and legislations.

Maui.Best reserves the right to modify the Terms of Use for the benefit of a particular individual or company based on such agreement with the said-individual or company.

As a member, you authorize Maui.Best to contact you from time to time with notices of changes, upgrades, advertisements, or any other messages which, we believe, are beneficial to you. If you wish to not receive email which are not related directly to the management of your account, simply unsubscribe at any time.

We encourage our visitors to submit articles or content they have written. You understand and agree that we do not pay for publishing your article or content. We will review your submission and then decide to publish it or not. We reserve the rights to make any changes we feel necessary (including but, not limited to, spell check, formatting, editing, etc.). Furthermore, you are not allowed to submit copyrighted material for which you do not have full legal rights. Doing so would make you fully and legally liable (financially and otherwise) for any claims which might arise from using copyrighted, trademarked or other proprietary material you do not own. If this was to happen, you agree to indemnify Maui.Best for any and all costs associated with claims or lawsuits caused by your illegal use of copyrighted material.


Voluntary termination:

You have the right to cancel your account and the publication of your rentals at any time with or without notice or explanation. You may do so by choosing not to cancel the auto-renewal of your membership, deleting your account, or by contacting us via email (Contact Us). When contacting us by email, make sure to supply your full name and address as they are described in your account. No refund will be given for early termination. In some instances, Maui.Best might decide to continue showing your listing past its expiration date (at no additional cost to you) unless you specifically ask us in writing to delete your account and listing.

Involuntary termination:

We, at Maui.Best, will randomly review posted rentals to make sure they do not display any prohibited content such as, but not limited to:

- Offensive language (obscene, hateful, sexual, or otherwise), inappropriate photographs, pornographic material (language, photographs, drawings or otherwise), misleading comments, fraudulent claims, etc. …

Depending on the seriousness of the problem, Maui.Best might give the account manager the opportunity to make appropriate changes to the listing and might suspend the said-listing until the issue is resolved. If we feel that the account manager is not able or does not intend to comply with the provisions of the Terms of Use, we will cancel the said account immediately and might prevent all further accesses to our membership program.

We also reserve the right to cancel any membership with or without notice and subsequently delete any listing connected to the said-membership which do not meet our standards and ethics. No refunds whatsoever will be given if an account is cancelled due to a breach of any provision of the Terms of Use such as inappropriate content or inappropriate action from the account manager's part.

Though it is not our intention and it is not anticipated, Maui.Best reserves the right to terminate all contracts if the website is found to be no longer commercially or financially viable or if Maui.Best is being ordered by law to take such action.


Visitors to our website, regardless if they are registered members or not, are not permitted to copy any content found on our website unless they have been given explicit written permission from a principal of Maui.Best. This includes but is not limited to: text, style, format, software, photograph, graphic, logo, etc. You understand and agree that we, Maui.Best, have the right to use any part of your listing such as photographs, wording, etc. in any way we want.


Once again, we want to make sure that you fully understand and agree that you are using Maui.Best at your own will and that any information you might find on our site or our vendors' sites is considered AS IS and is not guaranteed. This includes but is not limited to data about Maui, language translation, or the information provided by all the individual rentals.

Feel free to contact us should you have any questions about our Terms of Use.


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