Membership Tips

First and foremost, congratulations on posting your listing on Maui.Best and mahalo. We wish you much success and happiness. On this page, you will find tips that can increase your listing's success online and its ranking with major search engines like Google.

Tips on how to optimize for renters and search engines:

  1. Title: Select a compelling title for your listing. Highlight in the title the best feature of your rental but do not make it too long.
    Examples: 5 Bedrooms with Incredible Ocean Views / Condo with White Sandy Beach Access / Lots of Space for Large Family & Nice Yard / Condo with 2 Pools and Beach Access / Cottage surrounded by Tropical Rain Forest / Quiet Camp Ground with Restroom & Shower
  2. maui rental real estatePhotos: Add photos of the interior, exterior, facility (if part of a larger building), and nearby activities. Place your best photo in first place. Remember you can click and drag your photos to order them when you edit your listing. People are very visual and photos are the best way to promote your rental and highlight its best features. Of course, make sure you have the legal rights to use these images. Because your find a photo or graphic online does not mean you can use it for yourself. In most cases, Internet images are copyrighted meaning you need to obtain the explicit permission of its owner to use it. If you have a high end rental, invest in the services of a professional photographer. Take a look at the samples of photos shown in the bottom slideshow. It will be give you a good idea of the type of images that can help rent your listing more often.
  3. Optimization: You can optimize your images and your textual description to increase your online ranking with Google, Bing, and other major search engines. You can do so by properly naming your photos before uploading them onto Maui.Best. For instance, hanarental.jpg is a far better option than image1.jpg. Add important keywords within your text such as Maui, Rental, Beach, Vacation, etc. Think of the terms an Internet user may be using to search for a rental that fits yours on Maui and use those terms within your rental description.
  4. Description: Provide a detailed description of your rental. Focus on the positive attributes, include testimonials, and keep the "tone of writing" positive and welcoming. Most renters will be vacation renters and you would want them to be excited when reading about your place. Check for good grammar and spelling. Again make it compelling. People want to know all what is included and why they should choose your listing and not another.
  5. Amenities: Make sure to check off all of the indoor and outdoor amenities that are available with your rental. Never check mark items you do not have. If you would like to suggest new amenities, simply email us with your suggestion.
  6. Address: Double check that the listing's address is properly showing on the map. Our map system integrates directly with Google Map. If Google Map does not recognize your address, the map simply will not display on your Maui.Best listing.
  7. available rental on mauiCalendar: Use the availability calendar. You can of course choose to not display it by unchecking "Show Calendar" under "My Rentals" tab of your dashboard. Understand that visitors prefer to see the calendar. It also helps with communication. In the doubt, keep it all available and wait for the prospective renter to contact you to discuss their preferred rental dates and your actual availability.
  8. Contact: Make all of your contact information visible such as name, phone, and email address. Know that you can hide your name, phone number, and email select by clicking "Uncheck here if you do not wish your profile photo, name, and phone number to be visible to the public. If unchecked, only the form to contact you directly will show on your listings but your email be hidden." under the "My Profile" tab. Some people prefer to call so, by making your information visible, you are making it easier for prospective renters to reach out to you.
  9. Review: When you are done, view your live listing by clicking the blue button "View" under the "My Rentals" tab of your dashboard. This shows exactly how visitors see your listing. Assess how your photos and text come together and think of improvements you could make to your listing.
  10. Feature: We offer two plans Standard and Best. If you have the standard package, we encourage you to upgrade to Best. This places your listing in higher ranking in searches and labels your listing as "Best" and "Featured".
  11. Promote: Add a direct link to your listing in your email signature, other sites where your rental is listed, and marketing material. This way people can see your listing without having to search for it. To obtain your listing exact URL, go to view your listing and copy the URL link in your browser tab. It should look similar to this
  12. Respond: Our final tip is to check your inbox daily. Most email program come with alerts you can set to inform you on your smartphone, tablet, or computer that you received a new email. With the online rental market being so competitive, you want to be the first one to return an inquiry. The requests from prospective renters go directly to the inbox of the email you used for your account. It does not go to us. We also placed a courtesy copy of these inquiries on your dashboard under the tab "My Inquiries".

If you want us to take a look at your rental description and provide complimentary recommendations, do not hesitate to contact us. We are happy to help you with copy writing to ensure your online success.