Top Activities

Here are the top activities to do on Maui. These are some of the visitors' favorite things to do while visiting. In truth, Maui has something for everybody!

Hit the beach

Maui has some of the most beautiful and unique beaches in the world from white sandy, black sandy, and red sandy beaches. See the most popular beaches on Maui »

Snorkel with the turtles

There is nothing better than snorkeling and seeing the beautiful sea creatures Maui hosts from green sea turtles to clown fish and many other sea life. Learn more about the Sea Turtles of Hawaii »

Tour the island

Maui is made of 5 very different areas with different flora and micro climate. You will see lush tropical forest on the Road to Hana, volcanic landscape on the East side, and pristine and quiet white sandy beaches almost everywhere. Sightseeing the Island of Maui »

Have a massage and spa day

Relaxing is an "obligation" when visiting Maui. Do not forget to treat yourself to a professional massage, a fabulous facial, a yoga session, or a full spa day. There are also lovely retreats available on the island. Spas and Retreats on Maui »

Sail around the Island

Sailing around Maui is a dream for many. There are numerous companies offering private sailing to ocean fishing and larger tours including sunset dinners. Guided Tours and Activities »

Paddle board like a pro

Paddle boarding has been quite popular these past years and for good reason. It is easy to learn unlike surfing, much more relaxing, and gives you the ability to view both sea life and landscape. Read about all Activities »

Play golf in the tropics

The island has some of the best golf courses with the most beautiful tropical views in the world. It is a must do if you are a golfer. Read more »

Go to a Luau

Everybody loves a good luau and Maui has some of the best ones in Hawaii with delicious Hawaiian food and fun hula dancing. Read more »

See the Sun Rise on Haleakala

The sunrise on top of Haleakala is an experience like no others. Know that you must reserve your spot to be able to be in the park early enough to view the sunrise. Read more »

Enjoy the Awesome Local Food

There are many places growing fresh local fruit and vegetable as well as plantations. Remember to enjoy the local fruit and the fabulous restaurants. Read more »

Sport Fishing for All Levels

For those who have never fished before and ready to experience sport fishing, you are in for a treat. There are many professional and friendly charter companies on the island to choose from, including charters for seasoned sport fishermen. Read more »

Have a Maui Style Cocktail

You might normally be beer or wine drinker but this is vacation time and, yes, you need to try one of Maui's fabulous cocktails. From the fabulous Blue Hawaiian, Lava Lava, Kona Coffee-Tini to Maui Tai, you can try something new every day. Read more »

Learn the Hula

The Hawai'i Hula Company specializes in the ancient tradition of Hula dancing, Hawaiian music and singing, and Fire Knife dancing. They truly embrace and perpetuate the traditions of Hawaii. Consider hiring their dancers for your sepcial occasion. Read more »

Tour the Maui Brewing Company

At Maui.Best, we love Maui Brewing Co. Their fresh handcrafted beers are incredible and the perfect companion while visiting Maui (or when you are back home remembering your vacation). Their restaurant serves great food too. Read more »

Learn Surfing or Windsurfing

Anyone can learn! Yes, we said it. While on vacation on Maui, you will have a lot of fun taking surfing or windsurfing lessons. After the first hour, there is nothing like getting up for the first time on the board. You will feal you can accomplish anything after that. Give it a try. Read more »

Learn Hawaiian

Learn the basic of the Hawaiian language during your next Maui trip. Hawaiian is not the most complex language and its alphabet only has 13 letters. It is a lot of fun and will help build a rapport with the Hawaiians and understand the culture better. Read more »