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audio tours for maui

You can now download an app on your smart phone to guide you during your road trip on the Road to Hana or your visit to the Haleakala National Park. These apps are affordable (only $6 for the Road to Hana and $4 for the Haleakala National Park), easy to download, and easy to use. What is best about the app is that it works offline using your phone's GPS. So, even though you may not have cell reception in certain parts of the island, you will still be able to use the app, view the map, and listen to the tour guide. It is truly like having your own private local guide with you in the car.
Shaka Guide is becoming the preferred GPS audio driving tour app on Maui and we invite you to visit their website.

Road to Hana GPS Driving Tour

audio tours for maui

Go on an epic journey to Hana and beyond with a local Hawaiian tour guide. Enjoy turn-by-turn directions to interesting places, visit off-the-beaten-path sites and immerse in fun Hawaiian legends. It is a 4 hour-audio tour with over 130 narration points. The tour plays automatically and guides you with turn-by-turn directions. It starts in Kahului and goes all the way to Hana Town and beyond at Kipahulu (where 7 sacred pools are located).

In addition, the tour plays all the way back on the return trip, with fabulous stories and legends of Hawaii.

"Perfect accompaniment to the trip! I can't believe we thought we were going to attempt the Road to Hana without a guide. Thank God we downloaded the Shaka Guide - we thought it was very clever how it worked on GPS to tell us where we were and recommend points along the way. It was really interesting to hear all the history, and feel like we had our own private tour guide, without having to suffer a minibus full of other people. Thanks so much!"

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Haleakala National Park GPS Driving Tour

Whether you plan to visit Haleakala for sunrise, sunset or anytime in between, Shaka Guide is your perfect companion with turn-by-turn directions, information on what to look for, places to explore, and a truckload of interesting stories and Hawaiian legends of this magnificent volcano.

This 2 hour-audio tour had 67 narration points and automatically plays and guides you with turn-by-turn directions. It starts in Kahului and takes you all the way to the summit of Haleakala at 10,000 ft (3,000m). The tour then plays all the way back on the return trip, with an interesting detour to Makawao town.

"Totally worth it! I loved the app! It was very useful as it tells you about places you wouldn't find on your own. It works without data and connects with your GPS so you know which spot is coming."

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